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Tesco Green Points - What Are They?

tesco green points-tesco clubcard shopping For the more eco-friendly among us there are few occasions where we get rewarded for our role in helping to save the planet. Fortunately Tesco recognise the importance of environmentally friendly policies and have decided to help promote re-using carrier bags, recycling mobile phones and more.

Green Club Card points are worth the same as a normal Clubcard point but are collected in different ways.

So what are the Green Point deals, how will it help you clean up the environment and what can you earn?

Tesco Green Carrier Bag

The first most profitable and environmentally friendly Tesco Clubcard deal is the Green Carrier bag scheme. This green carrier bag scheme provides 1 Green Clubcard point for each of your own bags you bring to re-use in Tesco. This simple way of earning points is not only good for saving the environment, but a great way to save money and Green Clubcard Points!

The best part of the Green Clubcard Carrier bag scheme is that you don't just have to use Tesco carrier bags, you can use your own, stronger, reusable bags, your own carrier bags or even bags from rival supermarkets. If you are skeptical to how much of a difference this could make Tesco has already saved over 2 billion carrier bags since the schemes creation.

By recycling carrier bags, or investing in heavy duty bags you can cut down on this massive amount of carrier bags used and discarded in the UK, thought to be around 10 billion per year! This huge reduction, if continued, could make our streets cleaner, our skies less polluted and our world a better place.

Mobile Phone Recycling

The second Tesco Clubcard green points scheme is Mobile Phone recycling. With this fantastic offer your phone will be refurbished and passed on to a new user rather than chucked into a landfill. By sending your old or used phone into this Tesco Clubcard green mobile phone recycling scheme you will get 300 green Clubcard vouchers plus up to £70 in Tesco Vouchers or Tesco mobile phone credit in return!

Be warned though, to be able to participate in this scheme the mobile you send in must be in working condition, the screen must not be cracked and the phone must switch on and off. You can still get the Clubcard Green Points if your old mobile is battered and scratched though!

Printer Cartridges

For those of you out there who do a lot of printing the final Tesco Club Card Green Points bonus is absolutely perfect. For every used cartridge that you send in you will receive 100 Green Clubcard points. By recycling these used cartridges the UK can cut down on the production of these wasteful items. This can cause a huge positive impact on the environment since the UK alone uses 1,425,000 litres of oil to keep our ink cartridge supply up!

This is not only a great way to save the environment but in this easy scheme you are uncluttering your house and earning some valuable Green Clubcard points into the bargain!