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How to Get a Tesco Clubcard & Set Up an Account

tesco clubcard for club card deals Applying for a Tesco's Clubcard is free, quick and amazingly simple. When you first see the Tesco Homepage it may seem a little daunting. Do not fear though. Each item takes you to a simplified category, be it groceries, electrical goods (Tesco Direct) or Tesco's Clubcard.

Here I will walk you through the quickest way to sign up to Tesco Online and apply for a Tesco Clubcard on the Internet!

1 - Visit Tesco Online

2 - In the top right of the screen there is a small text link that says 'Clubcard', click this link and it will take you through to the Clubcard Homepage!

screenshot - getting a tesco clubcard

On the Tesco Clubcard homepage you can explore some of the fantastic in-store and on-line offers available to Tesco Clubcard holders. Hold your horses though, first click on the 'Sign in/Register' link across the top of the page.

3 - On the sign in and register page you will be presented with two simple options, 'sign in' or 'register'. Since you are new to the site it is time to fill in your registration details! Don't worry, this is absolutely safe and your details will not be used for anything other than your Tesco Clubcard registration, Tesco is a very reputable company.

screenshot - sign and register for tesco clubcard

4 - Simply fill in your email address and post code, there is also a box for you to click if you do not currently have a Tesco Clubcard, you will want to take advantage of this later on, so click it!

screenshot - register for tesco clubcard

5 - When you press 'Register' a warning box will appear, don't panic, this is perfectly normal and is merely there for existing Clubcard users so that they can transfer points onto their online account! All you have to do here is click 'OK'!

screenshot - tesco clubcard registry  alert

6 - This will take you to a details page, on here you have to fill in your personal details, choose your address and agree to the terms and conditions. You will also have to choose a password, remember to keep it easy to recall, but not so easy that it could be guessed.

screenshot - page to enter personal information for Tesco Clubcard

7 - Once you have filled in your details scroll to the bottom and click 'accept'. It does mention how your information may be used for advertising purposes. This is something that all companies do. All it means is that Tesco will have an automatic system which will take what products you buy regularly and display related things you may like!

screenshot - Tesco Clubcard page for terms of service and accepting TOS

You don't need to worry too much about writing your details down, you will receive an e-mail and post with your login and password details, you will also receive your club card and a keyring card so wherever you are you in the store you can collect your Club card points.

Now all you have to do is sit back and shop online on Tesco to start accumulating Clubcard points!

If you are wary of setting up a Tesco Clubcard and online shopping account directly on the internet don't worry! The Tesco Clubcard scheme can be joined in one of two ways:

Setting up a free Tesco Clubcard account really is that easy. The benefits are near limitless and by spending a mere few minutes you could save hundreds of pounds every year. Whether you decide to sign up for a Tesco Clubcard on-line, in-store or over the phone, registering for a Clubcard is quick and simple.