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Shopping online is convenient quick and easy. Unfortunately it rarely comes with the benefits that you would gain by going into a shop in real life. Tesco has come to save the day on this one though, with the ability to gain Clubcard points online as well as in store and providing cheap delivery to your home.

alert  Check Your ClubCard™ Account! Hackers are breaking into online ClubCard™ accounts account and stealing vouchers. Change your username and password immediately! A police investigation is ongoing .. more details

By using Tesco's Clubcard not only do you have access to all the fantastic items and offers that Tesco display, but you can also claim Clubcard points and do it all from your living room!

By shopping online with Tesco and using the Clubcard to its full extent you are giving yourself access to a huge range of benefits

On top of all this you will receive top quality groceries, high end electrical goods and cheap but tasteful household goods.

Shopping online with the Tesco Clubcard really could not be any easier, and the points you collect could pay for a holiday, a new watch, a new kitchen, or, if you dare risk it, a wedding ring!

If this in itself was not enough to tempt you, the Tesco Clubcard will let you receive up to the minute special offers on the products you like, you don't even have to tell Tesco this, it will pick up what you like online while you shop to give you the best deals, relevant offers and cheaper prices on the goods you buy the most off!

The best part about being a member of the Tesco Clubcard is quite simply the multitude of small perks you get. Whether it be the latest recipes delivered to your door from the Clubcard Food group, or 5p off every litre of petrol when you spend £50 or more. These little additions on top of the Clubcard points you already receive can save you hundreds of pounds a month. While you are saving money using the Tesco Clubcard you are also receiving the benefits of on line convenience, saved shopping lists and selection so wide it would take you a lifetime to sample it all.